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In the next issue of Verdict Magazine, out January 2021, we’ll take a look at how the technology industry has adapted one year on from the pandemic – and how this has reshaped strategies for the year ahead.

With the promise of a Covid-19 vaccine, and the start of a new US presidential administration just beginning, we’ll investigate how the next twelve months will be shaped by continued transformations in business, health, politics and ecommerce. 

We’ll be taking a look at how the events industry, rocked by Covid-19, is progressing on its road to digital transformation, whether the cutting-edge lab-grown meat sector can expand enough to take on the traditional meat industry, and how technology can transform the lives of people with disabilities.

In addition, we’ll look beyond the pandemic at whether businesses are preparing to return to normalcy if the vaccine is a success, or if 2020 has transformed the world of work beyond recognition. 

Until then, you can get the latest technology insights, exclusives and need-to-know developments from our daily news site or by following us on Twitter.


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