Driving has changed significantly

“At Waze we obviously look at how people are moving through the world, and we've seen tremendous change based on the level of Covid, and cases and restrictions that local government or communities are putting on their areas.”


People driving differently

“Early on we saw a steep decline in how people were moving, and then over the last few months have seen people back out on the roads, and they're driving again, but the patterns of commuting are changing tremendously.”


Fewer commutes, more holidays

“While the vast majority of Waze navigators were going to and from work or school, or things that were more habitual, we're seeing people actually spending more time in the car and driving longer distances in place of aeroplanes or vacations or things that they used to do via public transportation.”


A change in thinking

“We're certainly seeing a huge change in the way that people are moving through the world, which makes us have to rethink what they need from us in terms of what they're doing on the roads.”

Cover image courtesy of Zai Di / Shutterstock.com

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