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“It’s been assumed that advertising is the only possible model for social media and it makes sense. Imagine somebody opens a social network and says it’s for pay. Too few people would join and it wouldn’t be genuinely social and influential. We’ve seen that advertising-only as a model is a formula that leads to the destruction of important human values. So how about a different approach?”

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales explains why he believes advertising-only business models have been damaging to journalism, and asks whether an alternative model for social media could take off.

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“As we established this new paradigm and reach agreement on appropriate risks and controls, we need to be ready to tell the story of cell-based meat, with data and evidence of a safe delicious product from an emerging industry.”

Dr KC Carswell, vice president of process development at Memphis Meats, on how the cell-based meat industry can move towards commercialisation.

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“What does the future of work look like after the pandemic? Making all employees go back to the office every day does seem like the solution. We know remote working works, but allowing all employees to work from home forever is also too aggressive, because we need and we benefit from social interaction. That’s why we believe the future of work is a true hybrid. For example, companies may encourage employees to be in the office on the same days of the week and home on other days to maximise the benefits of their time together.”

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan on how the future of work will be impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, and whether a hybrid approach to remote and office-based working could be the answer.

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“The office of the future should serve a function, and it should also lift the spirit. It should enable a type of experience or work that is not possible in your home office. The office of the future will have a lot of robots, of course, and in the future, Zoom will allow me to enter into one of the robots, and as if I am the robot I’ll able to navigate in the office.”

Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia predicts that the office of the future could involve robots attending meetings in the place of remote workers.

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“Threat Intelligence Platforms are evolving quickly. The era of data aggregation is waning and they will soon be eclipsed by tools that provide insights and the ability to share knowledge about current threats. The goal of these platforms is to make entry-level security analysts look like seasoned professionals and this will make significant progress over the next year.

CTO of RiskIQ Adam Hunt on how threat intelligence platforms have the potential to disrupt the cybersecurity industry.

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