Issue 6 • November 2020

Thriving on Disruption: Building a Startup During a Global Pandemic

The pandemic has been a challenging time for many businesses, but for some, it has also proved a unique environment to launch

Could Covid-19 Be the Driving Force Behind Autonomous Vehicles?

Could Covid-19 impact the rollout of driverless vehicles?

Technology and the Climate Refugee Crisis

As climate change brings ever greater impacts to the world, how can technology help?

Could Live Stream Shopping Be the Next Leap Within Ecommerce?

Amid the rise of ecommerce, the online shopping channel could provide an alternative

Carl Benedikt Frey on Technequality: “The Pandemic Has Increased Anxiety Towards Automation”

Fears around automation are centuries old, but advances in artificial intelligence have created fresh concerns

Football's Coming Home: Can Technology Facilitate the Return of Fans to Stadiums?

What role will tech play in fans' return?

The Future Office: Designing a Workplace for the New Normal

A full return to the everyday nine-to-five is increasingly unlikely, creating new design challenges

Covid Impact Reports: How the pandemic is impacting the tech sector

How has the pandemic affected key areas of the gloal tech sector?

How Payments Have Been Transformed by the Pandemic

Maha El-Dimachki outlines how the pandemic has transformed the payments industry for good

Omni: The Social Media Challenger Empowering Users Through Blockchain

The challenger is using blockchain to bring power back to users

ScoreSkills: Music’s Answer to Duolingo

Technology has transformed learning in many areas, particularly via apps

Facebook’s Nick Clegg: “You Are Never Going to Eliminate Everything You Don’t Want Online”

Facebook has drawn criticism for its perceived lack of action on misinformation and hate speech, but Nick Clegg, VP of global affairs and communications, believes otherwise

Waze CMO: “We’ve Seen Tremendous Change in Driving”

Erin Clift, chief marketing officer of Google-owned navigation app Waze, explains how the coronavirus has reshaped travel

Kevin Scott: AI needs to be as accessible as the internet 

Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott reveals the tech that can help tackle “dauntingly hard problems” 

Overcoming imposter syndrome 

Onfido co-founder Husayn Kassai on overcoming imposter syndrome

Achieving Hypergrowth with 14 Rules of Technical Decision Making

Building quality software at speed and scaling it up is crucial for many modern-day businesses

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