Advanced VR trainings,
on your own terms.

Adequate manufacturing training requires extensive resources. Virtual reality training allows for cost savings and more flexible scenarios. However, the development of those virtual workshops often rely on outsourcing and lack reusability.

A toolset for building virtual reality training sessions aimed at operators, straight from CAD designs and 360° videos.

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Logia is bundled with an intuitive editor that allows engineers and instructors to build virtual reality sessions in a few clicks, using available CAD models and simple shapes. Then, using a node-based editor, various steps can be created and rearranged at will, in order to simulate both a normal manufacturing process, as well as potential deviations.

Intuitive editor allowing
to quickly setup
a training program

Possibility to simulate
various process flows within
a controlled environment

Implementation of active pedagogy,
with model highlighting
and display of multimedia content

Accurate reproduction of the
assembly process thanks
to direct use of CAD design

Realistic physics-based manupulation, with multiple tools available 

Logia is developed by Altheria Solutions.

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