Issue 5 | September 2020

The Next Huawei:  Future Tech War Targets

Now the US has finished its skirmish over Huawei, it is turning its attention to new battlegrounds in the US-China tech war

Ellen Weintraub: “I'm Very Concerned”

Ellen Weintraub, commissioner on the US Federal Election Commission, on the biggest concerns of the US election

US Data Privacy: Change ahead?

The US has traditionally lagged behind the EU on data privacy, but that may be changing

Cyber cold War: Russia's Nation-state hacking

A recent UK report on Russian interference brought the issue of state-backed cyberattacks to the fore


Big Tech is prompting a host of concerns around privacy, but for Drupal founder Dries Buytaert, there is one problem that is not being addressed: algorithms

ACLU President: “facing a disaster”

The American Civil Liberties Union is this year celebrating its centenary amid one of its most challenging years in existence

China’s Overseas Tech Investments

Some see the flow of Chinese money as a natural biproduct of a global economy. Critics see it as a soft power move

THE VIRTUAL ECONOMY's pandemic rise

The virtual economy has been growing for some time, but under the pandemic it has truly flourished

Social Distancing Wearables: The Next Major Industry Trend?

Wearables have enjoyed steady growth, but the coronavirus pandemic may turbocharge adoption.

CiSco's ChintaN Patel on connectivity

Chintan Patel, chief technical officer of Cisco UK&I, on architecture dreams and the power of connectivity 

C-Suite Plans for a Return to the Office

Key members of the C-Suite on when, if ever, their expect they workforce to return

Electric Avenues: E-Scooter Firms and the Bumpy Road for UK Dominance 

The UK government is trialling e-scooters in a shift towards micromobility. We look at the challenges operators face in a fiercely competitive market and how they could shape the future of urban transport

Innovation takes flight at the CAA

David Tait, head of innovation at the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority, discusses what lies ahead for aviation, from drones to air taxis and beyond

The State of Cyber Threats in 2020

Covid-19 has transformed work, but has also had a knock-on impact to the cybersecurity landscape

Gen Z and technology

Generation Z is emerging as a powerful consumer group and future workforce

Decoding Climate Uncertainty: Inside Cervest’s Plan to Map the World’s Climate Risk

Extreme weather events are becoming more common as the planet heats up, but it’s a risk that many businesses are failing to grasp


We explore the potential of the passion economy, and why it is attracting investors amid the pandemic, with help from Quorum CEO Patrick Finlay

Slack: Secure Collaboration

Slack CSO Larkin Ryder shares her six top tips for secure collaboration

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