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We believe strongly that attacking a healthcare provider at any time is disgraceful but attacking them now is quite frankly repulsive. We want to send the message to healthcare providers, their supply chains and charities that ‘you are the heroes in this fight but 3,000 cyber volunteers have your back.

Lisa Forte, partner at Red Goat Cyber Security, on the cybersecurity industry’s efforts to defend healthcare from hackers.

“There is a better, cleaner future for us and the planet. But to make it a reality we need to fight climate change collectively through the power of data.”

Speaking on Earth Day, Richard Baker, CEO of GeoSpock, makes the case for technology’s role in the fight against climate change.

I believe that actually, the digital world has really come to the rescue in lots of ways in helping people to maintain wellbeing during this period.

Dr Nick Taylor, CEO and co-founder of Unmind, discusses the mental health impacts of the lockdown, and how technology can help.

“Regardless of the platform utilised, this action by the Supreme Court will hopefully give confidence to those courts that have not historically viewed telephonic or video appearances as effective and suitable alternatives to in-person appearances.”

Bob Alvarado, CEO of CourtCall, discusses the US Supreme Court’s decision to use teleconferencing software to hear oral arguments for the first time in history.

A decentralised company with a remote, flexible and self-sufficient workforce can be far more adaptable to unforeseen situations that necessitate office closures or impact on people’s working hours.

Tamara Haasen, chief of staff at IOHK, explains how the company’s blockchain-inspired decentralised working model has helped it weather the coronavirus.

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