Issue 3 | May 2020

Transform or lose: Coronavirus and the acceleration of Industry 4.0

Thanks to the coronavirus, industry 4.0’s birth is more painful, brutal and quick than we could have ever expected

Forcing zoom to grow up Fast

The coronavirus has catapulted Zoom into the living rooms of millions of people, but security and privacy has been lacking

Bill Schmarzo on Big data and beyond

The Hitachi Vantara CTO on big data, avoiding rattlesnakes and the political weaponising of technology

Will the UK Tech Sector Weather the Covid-19 Storm?

Until recently, the UK tech sector had been enjoying an impressive run of success. But the coronavirus has brought dark clouds for the industry

Remote Working, the Future Normal

What it means to be at work is changing forever, and our lives will change along with it

The Internet under lockdown

The lockdowns have put strain on networks, but they have also caused a shift in where the internet is being used

The Dark Side of Subscriptions

Verdict editor Lucy Ingham's talk Rented Future: The Dangerous Rise of Life as a Service is brought to life

Shop Local: Digitisation bringing power to small businesses

Spurred on by the coronavirus, a drive to digital is levelling the playing field for small retail businesses. But can it last?

the C-Suite on Working Through the Lockdown

The coronavirus forced half the world’s population into lockdown, causing many to embrace full remote working for the first time. So how has the C-suite adapted?

Lessons on Coping with the Coronavirus

Highlights from our coronavirus case studies series, designed to inspire  no matter what industry you’re in

Robots Pick Up the Slack in Industry

We look at some of the working robots helping to pick up the slack caused by coronavirus staffing issues

Autodesk, generative design and the future

Advances in industry 4.0 technologies such as additive manufacturing and artificial intelligence are continuing to drive a transformation in how products are developed

What Makes Estonia’s Thriving Startup Ecosystem Tick?

Estonia is a small country with big ambitions when it comes to fostering innovative companies

Five Estonian Startups to Watch

Estonia is a hotspot for technology innovation. Heres some of the startups causing disruption

The Startup Grid 

Six tech startups founded in the past five years that are looking to disrupt their respective industries

Fighting Food Waste with Too Good To Go

Food waste is a global concern, but a number of startups are using technology to take on the issue

Neurosity: Bringing Mind-Controlled Computing to the Masses

It may sound like something out of a sci-fi film, but with brain-machine interfaces emerging as a significant nascent market, it is only a matter of time before mind-controlled computing becomes mainstream

Top Virtual Events on Technology This Summer

The key technology events that have moved online

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