Top Virtual Events on Technology to Attend in August and September

As conferences move online and travel ceases to be an issue, a host of events are opening up to would-be attendees who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to participate. We look at some of the best virtual events in and around technology happening in August and September

5-6 August

The Virtual AI Summit Hong Kong

Going online for the first time, the Virtual AI Summit Hong Kong will cover the latest and greatest developments in artificial intelligence across Asia, with key themes including AI-powered organisations, enterprise AI and the technology’s use in supply chains and logistics. Speakers include ThyssenKrupp CSO Abhinav Singhal, HGC CDO Jacqueline Teo and Arup director Fergal Whyte.


11-13 August

IoT World Virtual

A fully virtual take on one of the internet of things industry’s biggest conferences, IoT World Virtual will tackle the cross-industry opportunities and challenges emerging in the IoT space. Key speakers include Facebook AI director Manohar Paluri; ABB chief digital officer Guido Jouret and Philadelphia smart cities director Emily Yates, with a host of leading companies in attendance.


24-26 August

Step Anywhere

Normally hosted in Dubai, Step Anywhere describes itself as “the leading online tech festival for emerging markets”, focusing on how technology can shape and support the post-Covid tomorrow. Bringing together six online stages alongside startup-specific programmes and networking, it features a host of global speakers and attention-grabbing startups.


25-27 August

5 to 9 Conference

The lockdown has prompted many to brush off old side projects or embark on new ones, and for those looking to take their efforts a step further, the 5 to 9 conference is here. Organised by global design community DesignX, it provides valuable information on how to ideate, build and scale side projects, enabling you to transform your lockdown hobby into a fully fledged business.


1-3 September


The flagship event of London Tech Week, TechXLR8 is going fully virtual for the first time, bringing together seven technology conferences under one online-only roof. Key topic areas include the internet of things, quantum computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain, with sessions for everyone from seasoned pros to fledgling founders. Expect big names and heavy hitters among the speakers.


8 September

Future of Work Summit

With the world of work utterly upended, and technology transforming the 9-5, what comes next? As part of London Tech Week, the Future of Work Summit will be tackling these issues, with particular insight on how the UK can strengthen its digital workforce. Key speakers include WhiteHat co-founder Sophie Adelman, Trainline director of product Janie Ellwood and techUK president Jacqueline de Rojas.





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