Switch to short-term thinking

“I can't even think in terms of desk decades at this point. I’ve got to be entirely honest that we're thinking in terms of months, quarters, and maybe it's luxury to think in terms of the year.”


A focus on digitisation

“I think this changes the priority of every tech company in the world. The focus is almost entirely and squarely on rapid digitisation of how we work and of business models and digital experiences for consumers in basically every industry. So whether that's Google or Apple on the high end, or companies like Box or Slack – up and coming platforms – all of our focus is really around how we enable a modern digital way of working and delivering for consumers in a much more rapid way.”


Startups are being forced to pivot

“I think if you're a new startup that's maybe five or 10 or 20 employees, and you were not focused on how people work in a shelter-in-place environment, or how you serve consumers when people are distributed, I think that you're gonna have some real challenges in your business. And so that's causing every startup to pivot what they're focused on to really reimagine what the workplace experiences and what these new consumer experiences are going to be as well.”


The workforce will be redistributed

“We have some really interesting questions around what's the future of being a distributed organisation. I think this is a major benefit to non-Silicon Valley regions, whether it's in the US or globally; I think you're going to see more of a distributed workforce and more remote work emerging at a much greater scale.”


But offices will still remain

“I don't think that offices go away. I think that offices still remain these hubs where the physical in-person community of the organisation gets created and really cultivated in those environments where we'll equally see, though, an increase in remote work, where people can have that flexibility of working from anywhere. So I'm certainly in the camp where offices don't go away.”


Nevertheless, remote hiring will rise

“At the same time we will see a massive increase in remote hiring and remote work in the future. And that feature then really is one where people can just work from anywhere and you really have a digital-first way of working going forward, which is the way that we bridge both the office and the home experience.”

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