Issue 4 | July 2020

Unicorns in the ravine: Post-pandemic startup funding

From Airbnb to WeWork, the pandemic has revealed that when it comes to many growth-at-all-costs-orientated startups, the emperor has no clothes

the Cybersecurity Pandemic

Covid-19 has caused dramatic upheaval to businesses, but it has also provided fertile ground for a myriad of cyberattacks

Fletcher Previn: Tech on the front lines

The IBM CIO on learning from the coronavirus, quantum computing and robotic lawn mowers

Does coronavirus cause 5G?

Amid the pandemic, 5G has been hounded by baseless claims that it causes the coronavirus. But is the coronavirus accelerating the adoption of 5G?

Uber Eats: Thriving in the Pandemic and Beyond

Uber’s ridesharing business may have seriously stalled during the coronavirus, but its delivery arm, Uber Eats has thrived

SoftBank: Trends Beyond Lockdown

As global lockdowns lift, consumer behaviour is changing. But things won’t return to the  pre-pandemic normal

Let's talk about mental health

The lockdown has shone fresh light on mental health, both within the industry and in technology’s role in supporting it

Slack’s Time to Shine: Can It Continue Its Success Post-Pandemic?

The coronavirus has accelerated the shift to distributed working practices. Workplace communication platform Slack is well-positioned to capitalise from this, but success is far from guaranteed

Business and Technology in the Aftermath of Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter protests that have sparked around the world in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd have prompted a host of conversations about the treatment of people of colour in society

Box CEO: The next few months

The pandemic has upended the business world, canning long-term plans and forcing a reactionary approach

Transforming Urban Travel 

Thanks to a revolution in travel tech in recent years, there are a wide range of micromobility options to choose from

Immunity Passports: Path Out of Lockdown or Road to Discrimination?

Immunity passports are being touted as a key tool to help resume normal business operations in the post-pandemic world, but there are serious concerns about the technology

Google's Kate Brandt: Green Recovery is “Absolutely Critical”

The post-Covid-19 recovery is heavily reliant on technology, but there are also considerable opportunities to improve environmental efforts

Manna CEO: Drone Delivery in reality

Ireland-based Manna is working to make drone delivery as a service take off

The Startup Grid 

Six tech startups founded in the past five years that are looking to disrupt their respective industries

WhereIsMyTransport: Transforming travel in middle and low-income cities

Billions of people in emerging market cities rely everyday on a sprawling blend of formal and informal transport networks that are utterly opaque to their governments

How Tech Could transform Post-Pandemic Travel

The coronavirus brought global business and leisure travel to an almost total standstill, but now restrictions are beginning to lift, the travel and tourism sector is looking to lure people back to the skies

Going fully remote

The lockdowns may be lifting, but thousands, if not millions, of employees are not returning to their offices

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