Artificial Intelligence is the future. In the next issue of Verdict Magazine, out in January 2022, we’ll look into how AI empowers businesses and the risks it presents them with. Innovative AI tech solutions can draw insights from data to enable everything from self-driving cars to facial-recognition solutions to run smoothly. 

AI does have downsides, however. The technology presents business leaders with several ethical and legal issues to consider. What happens when an AI perpetuates racism and sexism? Who is responsible when banks and insurers treat customers unfairly because of legacy data used to “train” a machie learning system? Where does AI leave very real people? What happens to the companies that get it wrong?

In the next issue, Verdict will take a deep dive into the mysterious world of AI. We will talk with market stakeholders, we’ll look at the exciting future of  machine learning, and we’ll consider the concerns of those who worry about abandoning the human in the loop

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