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Issue 8 • March 2021

This is not normal. Over the past year, we’ve had no choice but to get used to our new pandemic-induced reality. There’s nothing normal about not meeting friends and family members for months, only seeing co-workers on Zoom calls, choosing between DIY haircuts or looking like a yeti, or simply being unable in many respects to live our lives. No siree, there ain’t anything normal about that.

But things are looking up. Vaccines are being rolled out. Social restrictions are easing. Things are slowly moving back towards a sense of normality.

That’s why it’s time to take stock. I for one am leaving the pandemic with a deep admiration of what medical professionals and scientists have achieved. To have not one but several vaccines ready for deployment within a year is nothing short of inspiring.

It’s fitting then that this issue of Verdict Magazine is devoted to healthcare. More particularly, it is dedicated to celebrating the intersection where healthcare meets technology.

In this issue, we take a deep dive into whether or not it is wise to entrust your mental health to the plethora of apps that have emerged and grown in popularity during the pandemic. We also checked in with one of the world’s first human cyborgs to find out how technology can fight back against terminal diseases and disabilities. And we also turn our attention to a startup that is using artificial intelligence to rewrite the rulebook on rare drug discovery.

Healthcare professionals have also found themselves at the centre of the growing cybersecurity crisis. We found out how the sector can protect itself from digital threats.

Away from the world of health, our reporters investigated the rise of e-scooters and how the coronavirus made the esports industry level up.

Read on for all of this plus the usual in-depth analysis and commentary in the latest issue of Verdict Magazine.

Eric Johansson, editor