Issue 2 | March 2020

The Unstoppable Rise of the Subscription Model

In the past few years we’ve witnessed subscription models spread from the software space to almost every industry vertical. But where will it end?

Introducing Low-code

In the past decade low-code development platforms have become an increasingly popular tool in the enterprise tech suite. We explore the pros and cons

Will Blockchain Come of Age in 2020?

Blockchain has been on the verge of disrupting almost every industry for some time, but so far the real world benefits have been relatively rare

Urban Air Mobility: An At-A-Glance Guide

Covering emerging air-based transport solutions, including autonomous air taxis, urban air mobility is a nascent market attracting considerable investor interest

Project Euphonia: Making Speech Recognition Accessible 

Voice technology, be it digital assistants, real-time translation, or smart tech, is having a growing impact on everyday life. But where does this leave those for whom voice technology is not accessible?

CTO Talk: NVIDIA's Steve Oberlin

NVIDIA CTO Steve Oberlin on the most exciting technologies down the road, the importance of luck and why you should distrust yourself most

MWC: A Verdict Special Report

We look at Mobile World Congress, the tech event that never happened, in this Verdict Magazine special report

How the Coronavirus Killed Mobile World Congress

It took less than two weeks for the GSMA to go from firm reassurance that Mobile World Congress would go ahead, to calling the event off entirely due to the coronavirus

Event Report: How MWC 2020 Might Have Happened

Armed with press releases, cancelled agendas and a healthy dose of cynicism, we’ve put together a possible outline of the events as they might have played out

The Rise of the virtual conference

Many companies have been forced to resort to a virtual conference due to the coronavirus. Is this the future?

Key Telecoms Trends for 2020

MWC would have set the key talking points in telecoms for the rest of 2020. Instead, we hear from analysts for the key telecoms topics this year

So, You’ve Been Attacked by Ransomware. What Next?

Ransomware is lucrative for cybercriminals but crippling for businesses. And all the while it continues to be profitable, targeted ransomware attacks are likely to continue to grow in number

Karakuri Robots: Hyper-Personalisation in Food

Ocado-backed Karakuri is taking on a challenge many others have failed at: introducing robots to the food service industry

Space Race 2.0 is a Feast for the Eyes 

Almost half a century after the race to the Moon first occurred, the space race is returning for another round, fuelled by commercial partners

The Startup Grid 

Six tech startups founded in the past five years that are looking to disrupt their respective industries

Square Mile Farms: Vertical Farming in the Office

London-based startup Square Mile Farms is making waves with its efforts to bring vertical farms to the corporate office environment

How Motorola Solutions Returned to its Roots

How Motorola Solutions has returned to its roots as a provider of mission-critical communications equipment, and how it is keen to avoid the mistakes of its past

Industry events in March and beyond

The key technology events from around the world that are still going  ahead despite the coronavirus

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