Your Global Partner for Innovative Connectivity Solutions

  • Smiths Interconnect is a leading provider of technically differentiated connectivity solutions that connect, protect and control critical applications in the Space market.
  • Reliability is the essential attribute in the leading edge technologies that we utilize. 
  • We offer proven quality, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions conforming to the main international standards.
  • Our application expertise ensures the design and manufacturing of cost-effective product platforms as well as completely tailored solutions for the harshest environmental conditions, including connectors and cable assembliesfiber opticsmicrowave and RF components.

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  • Gamma Ray Detection
  • Weather Monitor
  • Radio - TV Networks
  • Broadband
  • Space Environmental Sciences
  • Navigation & Communication
  • Earth Observation
  • Surveillance
  • Telecom
  • Space Telescopes
  • Earth Sensors
  • Space Cubes
  • Altitude Correction Modules
  • Central Units - Communication
  • Command Memory Boxes
  • Control Boxes
  • Sensors
  • Docking Systems
  • Ground Stations
  • Communications
  • Mars Rovers
  • Mobility
  • Navigation Systems

Product Range

We integrate the highest performance contact technologies into a broad range of interconnect systems that provide reliable performance and protection against breakdown. Our broad suite of connectivity solutions comply with regulatory and application specific requirements and enjoy a reputation of excellence in the marketplace.

Our Services

Providing a competitive advantage

Smiths Interconnect designs compact and reliable spacecraft suitable products which minimize mass, footprint and volume. Our solutions use space approved materials and controlled processes ensuring long lifetime to space missions.

We are an approved vendor for international space agencies including ESA, ISRO, JAXA and NASA, and have proudly delivered failure-free performance in numerous spaceflight programs.

We work globally with our customers and space agencies to design the next generation of solutions for launchers, satellites, manned space flight and ground systems support.

Success Stories

Did you know?

Smiths Interconnect's products are on Mars!

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Latest News & Blog

Smiths Interconnect receives contract from Mitsubishi Electronic Company to develop an integrated G-Band Satellite Based Antenna system for the Japan Space Agency

Development contract is part of the Global Observing SATellite for Greenhouse gases and Water cycle.

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Adding Value to Your RF Semi-Rigid Cable Assemblies

Having the proper guidelines in place for your RF semi-rigid cable assembly helps minimize cost, improve electrical performance, and increase reliability.

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The Internet of Space and radiation resistant transceivers

The explosion of worldwide communications over the past 25 years has led to the pervasive use of mobile and land communications equipment with an abundance of platforms, applications, and devices all driving the growth of many of the largest businesses in the world. There is no doubt that this trend will continue through the Internet of Things (IoT), and the arrival of the 5G technology along with improvements to the underlying network infrastructure. However, the next, ‘Small Step’ for man in terms of ubiquitous communications will be the ‘Giant Leap’ into the Internet of Space.

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On Demand Webinar

Optical interconnects: addressing the unique challenges in space applications

Thursday, June 3rd
Online 11AM EST / 5PM CET

This webinar will describe why optic communications in space are a key element of the success of new global connectivity networks. From intra-satellite to inter-satellite high speed links, optical communication over fiber optics or over optical wireless terminals can help by extracting the most from the communication architectures while offering low SWaP.