Key list: Leading companies in Security Software by market cap

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This month our technology industry key list brings you the 10 leading companies in the security software industry by market cap and valuation globally, as ranked by GlobalData's Technology Intelligence Centre.

Company nameEntity TypeHeadquartersMarket Cap/Valuation (US$m Dec 31, 2021)
Microsoft CorpParentUnited States of America2,118,598
Samsung Electronics Co LtdSubsidiarySouth Korea421,906
Oracle CorpParentUnited States of America238,186
Cisco Systems IncParentUnited States of America229,571
Verizon Communications IncParentUnited States of America223,608
Accenture PlcParentIreland213,205
Broadcom IncParentUnited States of America199,605
AT&T IncParentUnited States of America192,851
Tata Consultancy Services LtdSubsidiaryIndia188,312
Raytheon Technologies CorpParentUnited States of America129,617