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Issue 13 • March 2022

There is only one story worth telling right now. This issue of Verdict Magazine was always going to be about the future of work and the pressure on companies to prove their social impact. The war in Ukraine has pushed these topics to the forefront of boardroom agendas in ways we could’ve never anticipated.

After Vladimir Putin’s troops descended upon Ukraine on February 24, the war in Easter Europe has been broadcasted non-stop across news sites, on TV screens and splashed across broadsheets. Rightly so. The Russian insurrection has brought battles uncomfortably close to NATO’s borders.  

At the same time, it is hard not to be left in awe of the Ukrainian resistance, spearheaded by president Volodymyr Zelenskiy. Prior to the war, the former comedian’s biggest claim to fame in the west was the role he played in Donald Trump’s first impeachment after the then-US president had allegedly withheld a $400m military aid package to force Zelenskiy’s government to dig up dirt on Joe Biden’s son. Zelenskiy is now rapidly becoming a prime candidate for Time Magazine’s person of the year after taking charge of Ukraine’s mobilisation.  

The global community has taken note. In the weeks since the invasion first began, there has been a huge outpouring of support from around the world in support of Ukraine. Big Tech firms have aided the effort by boosting the nation’s cybersecurity, helping refugees and ensuring internet access.  

In this issue, the Verdict team investigates how this support has manifested and the impact it has already had. We also speak with the people at the centre of Ukraine’s tech community to hear first hand how they fight to protect their fragile industry amidst the constant shelling from Russian artillery.  

Elsewhere, we investigate how the Great Resignation has changed tech recruitment and check in with the founder of European Robinhood rival Shares to see why he thinks its a good idea to mix stock trading with social media.

Read on for all of this plus the usual in-depth analysis and comment in the latest issue of Verdict Magazine.

Eric Johansson, editor