“We don’t want to put people in debt, that’s why we don’t make money out of late fees for example”

in3 CEO Hans Langenhuizen told Verdict that the startup was different from other buy-now-pay-later companies because it cares about its customers’ financial wellbeing. 

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“Bitcoin is the biggest problem of blockchain”

Viktor Fischer, managing partner at investor Rockaway Blockchain Fund, told Verdict about the biggest hurdles keeping blockchain from being adopted by the masses.

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“Most people don’t have the education [and] they don’t have the knowledge”

Shares CEO Benjamin Chemla told Verdict, when motivating why it was important that his startup had a social media aspect incorporated into the platform.

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“Always be curious and listen to your engineers”

Lars Knoll, CTO of Finnish software developer The Qt Company, on his biggest tips for other CTOs. 

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