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“The US as a whole is not well prepared to deal with this type of attack because of the nature in which the private sector does not allow, typically, US government agencies to come in and help them solve their cyber problems.”

Tom Kellermann, head cybersecurity strategist at VMware Carbon Black and former cybersecurity commissioner for President Obama, discusses the risk of Iran using cyberattacks to retaliate against the US

“In 2020 we’re going to see increased public demand for the demystification and democratisation of AI. There is a growing level of interest and people are quite rightly not happy to sit back and accept that a robot or program makes the decisions it does ‘because it does’ or that it’s simply too complicated.”

Teg Dosanjh, director of connected living for Samsung UK and Ireland, joins industry peers in giving his predictions for artificial intelligence in 2020

“We’re used to the spectacle of US companies bringing their businesses to Europe (and other parts of the world), but we’re less used to seeing innovation going in the opposite direction – European-born tech companies meaningfully penetrating the American market.”

Pedro Bados, co-founder and CEO of Nexthink, shares his perspective on how European companies can bring tech innovation to the US

“Political advertising from candidates stating their message or denouncing the other side isn’t problematic. The problem lies with lack of transparency, either through targeted advertising, or through accounts that are designed for spreading a specific message, or even spreading misinformation, without openly declaring it.”

Dr Caitlin McDonald, digital anthropologist at Leading Edge Forum, makes the case for banning targeted advertising instead of political advertising

“I think people are more scared about sharing their transaction and banking data than they are about sharing their medical data, when asked the direct question: do you want to share your data? But, if it’s packaged up in, do you want this product, this is what you need to do to get it, it would be a completely different question.”

Ralf Ohlhausen, executive advisor and European TPP Association vice-chairman, discusses why open banking hasn’t yet lived up to its potential, and how that could change in 2020

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