Issue 1 | January 2020

Google and the responsible AI Challenge

Google is a well-established leader in artificial intelligence, but how is the company taking on the thorny issue of ethics? 

Cybercrime: Targeting 2020's big events

How cybercriminals could use the major events of 2020 to steal money, cause disruption and steer geopolitical narratives

Upskilling: must-learn skills for 2020

For many, now is the time to consider what skills to add to their personal arsenal in order to progress in the coming year

Werner Vogels: Technology challenges

The Amazon CTO and programming rockstar on moving out of academia, the most exciting technologies ahead and the joy of motorcycles

Warshipping: Delivering Hackers to Your Front Door 

Charles Henderson, head of IBM X-Force Red, on the unusual threat known as warshipping, and why you shouldn’t trust complimentary jelly doughnuts

Quantum Computers Are Here

Around the world there are now a number of functional quantum computers being developed, and these machines are surprisingly steampunk

Driving scientific discovery at CERN

Physicists believe the LHC could be key to solving unanswered questions about physics, but doing so requires the storing of enormous amounts of data

Using Data to Power Golf’s Biggest Games

Golf may not seem like the most high-tech sport, but when it comes to using data, it has long been a pioneer

Don’t Gamble With Your Cybersecurity

Liv Boeree is one of the most successful female poker players in history, having scooped up $3.5m in winnings during a 15 year career. She shares her cybersecurity insights

Cyberattack Odds from a Poker Pro

Liv Boeree lays out the odds of cyberattacks in familiar terms

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Data

Businesses now have access to an unprecedented amount of data, but that doesn’t mean it’s translating into meaningful results

Intel Takes “AI Everywhere”

Last year, semiconductor giant Intel unveiled a range of new AI chips to cement its position among the leading players

How Platforme is Fighting Fast Fashion with Big Data

In the first of a series of profiles of startups using technology to bring real change to industry, we learn how Platforme is taking on the world of fast fashion

The Startup Grid 

We present a summary of six tech startups founded in the past five years that are looking to disrupt their respective industries

2020 and the Promise of 5G: A View from Vodafone

While 2019 was the year 5G became a reality, 2020 is the year its presence and benefits will truly begin to be felt

Technology events in February and beyond

Stay up to date with the latest must-attend enterprise technology events from around the world

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